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Well hello everyone welcome to the one and only PBC on the web! I am Bella and I’m the book nerd running this blog! We Review, Host Authors and SO much more! Please check out ALL the tabs to see whats happening and make sure to follow us and sin up for EMAILS so you wont miss anything!! WE are a non-profit blog and do everything here for the pure pleasure in books and Authors! HAPPY READING!






Hi all I am Bella….


I love reading and listening to music. I have 4 kids and a husband who is in the military so we move a lot! Like A LOT… I just left Cail and now back in Hawaii but we are on the move again 🙁

I read EVERYTHING and love all types of books.

I DO all this for the fun and the pure pleasure of being able to get away from reality and fall into all the story I read!

YA, Paranormal, NA, Dystopian, Adult, Fantasy and much more are some of the reads I enjoy!

Ps. I love everything! 

I am the main NERD girl here on the Blog,Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so I am pretty busy!!



HI all I am Haley and I am  16. I am going into the 11grade. I just moved from Cail and now in HI but on the move again with my mom and family.

My Dad is in the military so we have moved a lot but I have loved in some cool places.

I love reading books, and my mom always gives me such good one to read.

I am into paranormal, anything YA really and much more. I just love reading!
Look out for my reviews! 🙂




Hey! It’s Korrie here. I am turning 18 and just graduated High School here in Hawaii!!

Haley is my sister and I love reading  A LOT like her and as you know out Dad is in the military so yes we move A LOT and its fun but I do miss my friends.

One thing I do love though it all is that our Mom gives us some of the best books to read and now review.

She always takes us to a lot of event and we have be able to meet some cool authors and people along the way!

I love YA, Contemporary and more! Look out for my reviews! 🙂



My name is Tif Thordal and I am from a small town called Mandan in North Dakota.
I have written and read books my entire life and I can’t imagine not doing it. I absolutely love what books do to one’s mind.
It’s only fitting then that I review them right?
I don’t get to many events as I am smack dab in the middle of no where but I hope to get to some major ones within the next couple years.
I mostly read the fantasy/PNR genres but am always willing to take on anything! If you need a review let me know!




My name is Shani and I’m in sunny Florida but originally from bustling NYC. Yes I am an book addict. I love to read. I’ve been reading since the age of 4, starting writing at 9 and I’ve yet to stop. I’m 35, no kids but I do have a furry kid named Loki. I read extremely fast and I give honest reviews. My average is over 150 books a year (With a full time job and having a social life). I always make time to read to clear my head. My goal is to eventually write a book of my own, can’t keep all these cool ideas locked in my head now can I. Hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I will .

Wickedly dangerous review



My name is Amanda and I’m from Northern Illinois. I am an avid reader, some say addict, and wouldn’t change that for anything. I tend to be a fast reader and always give an honest review. Nothing is better than exploring the many worlds authors create for us to get lost in. I don’t have a favorite genre and I tend to go in spurts of what I’m into at any moment. If it sounds interesting I’m willing to give it a try. I’m guilty of cover judging, I have purchased many books based on the cover alone. I love to interact with people; see a review you wanna talk about, just comment here on the blog or jump over to PBC’s page on Facebook.

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