Leonidas’s nightmare: when he inherited the Fae throne, he inherited the curse a witch cast on his bloodline. No wonder he hates witches. His dirty secret: if he doesn’t bed a different woman every month he’ll turn feral – and he’s bored to death with mindless sex.

When he hunts down his escaped war dragon, his enemies trap him on earth and strip his powers. His month’s almost up and if he doesn’t bed someone soon, his beast will rise.

Meena’s dream: to be good at something. Anything. Even sticking to a diet. Her secret: she’s a failed witch masquerading as human. She accidentally bonds with Leonidas’s escaped dragon. Sparks fly when he wants it back. Plunged into a world of stuck-up Fae, evil elves, and high-adventure they must solve a twenty-two year-old mystery. Along the way, they tumble into bed, and lust leads, unexpectedly, to love.

When Leonidas’s curse kicks in again, he’ll have to abandon Meena and bed another. Is their love strong enough to survive their secrets and break the ancient curse

An Interview with Leonidas, King of the Fae.

What do you want most? And why can’t you have it?

I want Meena beside me, always. I want her to be the first thing I see in a morning and the last thing I see at night. I want to sleep with her in my arms and spend my days at her side. She’d be a breath of fresh air in my hidebound court, but you don’t always get what you want. Do you?


You’re a king. Doesn’t that mean you can have anything you want?

I wish. Life doesn’t work that way. I’d give anything to claim Meena, always assuming she’d still have me after the way I acted. I was angry and hurting, but I shouldn’t have taken things out on her. Even if she forgives me, I’m no good to her—not with the curse hanging over my head. I can stay faithful for a twenty-eight days, tops. I have to bed a new woman each month to stay sane. It curdled something inside my mother, watching my father do that. How can I inflict the same sort of pain on Meena?

Tell us more about your childhood.

Even when I was the crown prince, I wanted the things I couldn’t have. A mother who loved me would have been a good start. I learned not to show my emotions, especially when my father’s womanizing ways turned her cold and unfeeling. I think she preferred my half brother to me, and he wasn’t even hers. Me and Mord were pretty tight back then, but he’s walked away from everything Fae.

A father who didn’t scatter bastards throughout the kingdoms would have been pretty good too. I’m slowly tracking down my siblings, but since he didn’t care who or what he bedded, it’s hard. Some damn witch cursed him when he proposed. I mean, couldn’t she just have said no? I’ll track that bitch down if it’s the last thing I do, but it’ll probably be too late for me and Meena. My sassy-natured Goth has curves to die for, but it’s her quick wits that enthrall me.

What’s your biggest vice?

I’m quick tempered, but I’m damned good at hiding it. My childhood taught me how to hide my feelings behind this cold, emotionless mask. Of course, that changes when my month’s up. At first, I thought I’d hit the jackpot. I mean, what guy doesn’t think endless no-strings sex is a gift from the gods? Yeah, well that wore off pretty quick. I’m sick of using women’s bodies and just moving on. That damned curse turned me into some sort of man-whore, and I hate it.

And all those women? Do they hate you too?

I think it would be better if they did. I’m a considerate lover and I make sure my partner enjoys our one night. I ensure they’re provided for, and take care not to father any bastards. My father did enough of that for the both of us. I try not to let them see how much the whole thing revolts me. If I think it’s bad, can you imagine what it’ll seem like to Meena? She’s the only woman I want, and right now I can’t imagine bedding another.

Are you a good king?

I’d like to think so. I’m more into diplomacy than warfare—unless someone threatens my country or my family. I was ready to fight the entire Lykae nation for the way their crown prince disrespected my half sister’ Sylvie. Fortunately, King Caleb volunteered to marry her in his brother’s stead. Everyone thought I agreed to keep the peace, but I wanted my half sister to be happy. King Caleb loved her and she loved him, but they thought they were pulling the wool over my eyes. I agreed to the match, and in return King Caleb ceded me the disputed Border Territories. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

Would you have fought in a border war?

Of course. I’m warrior trained, and unbeaten in hand-to-hand combat. My rapier skills are unequalled, but I prefer to use my bullwhip. My war dragon’s the biggest and the best, and when he flies me into battle, we’re unstoppable. Of course, he’s attached to Meena too. When he was newly hatched, he kept running off to find her. Sometimes I think that dragon has more sense than me.

What’s your biggest regret?

Not finding the witch whose curse keeps me from Meena. Or maybe rubbing Meena’s nose in how much I didn’t want her. Maybe I should have just told her the truth. That woman haunts me. What with her rainbow curls, curvy figure, and smart mouth, she’s everything I need.

Whose your biggest enemy?

Excluding the witch that cursed my bloodline? Once I’d have said my half brother Mordred. Now the People’s Defense League has targeted Meena’s family, I want to hunt down their head honcho and keep my woman safe. Only, what can I say? She’s not really mine, is she? Damn it! (Brings his fist down hard on the table.) She should be.

King Leonidas just left, but there was a wild look in his eyes. I know his deadline’s approaching, and I hope he’s okay. Meanwhile, I’ll ask Kryssie Fortune a couple of questions.

Why did you write King Leonidas’s story?

He’s the lynchpin my otherworld revolves around. His half sister, Sylvie, married Caleb the Cold. Their story is told in To Wed a Werewolf. His half brother, Mordred, has fought his way through the Elf hierarchy to become their overlord. Who knows which sibling he’ll find next.

What do like most about King Leonidas?

His well hidden, stupid streak. He really messes things up with Meena. He’s so loyal and stubborn that he stole a bit of my heart.

What will you write next?

Something completely different. It will still be a scorching hot romance, but there’s this abandoned Roman City not far from where I live. I think I know what once went on there.

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1.What does your writing process look like?

I write anywhere and anywhere. On the bus. In the car. In front of the TV. And I do all my 1st drafts by hand. That’s probably because they need so much tiding up. I’ll go through about ten versions before I’m satisfied. Some of that is because I’m mildly dyslexic though. I thought I was just a bit slap happy, then my daughter was tested at Uni. She’s worse than me, but she’s developed coping  strategies. I just get my husband to proof read everything.

 2. Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?

Imagine doing any of that on the bus. No, I’m just the weirdo in the corner with a pen,  paper, and a thoughtful expression.

3. What book do you wish you could have written?

I should go for a classic – Pride and Prejudice perhaps. Honestly my favourite book is A Hunger Like No Other by Kresely Cole. I love the whole Immortals After Dark series. I can’t wait for the book about Nix.

4. Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Love? Action? Racy?

Action’s the hardest for me. I want it punchy, quick, and engrossing. Sometimes it’s too quick and it loses the impact I’m after. That’s where a great editor comes in.

5. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Listen to advice, then do it how you want. Unless it’s your editor. They know the market better than you. Kierstin Cherry, my editor at Loose ID is funny, smart, and knowledgeable. Also, she listens. If I really don’t agree, I’ll stand my ground, but it’s rare.

6. If you didn’t like writing books, what would you do for a living?

I’m lucky. I work part time on TV soap. When I was in my teens I studied Physics and Chemistry. I thought I could be a rocket scientist or something. Even back then, I kept saying I’d write a book.

7. Are you a plotter or a pantster?

Mostly a pantster,  but the best description of my writing style is one I read on line –  sadly I can’t remember who coined the phrase but “I have  a series of islands my characters swim to.”.

8. Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

My first ever review was shockingly bad, and I cried. Someone hated my writing, but didn’t give any reasons. I’m grateful when someone takes the time and trouble to review my books, and I know people of have different tastes. I learn from the reviews that say I didn’t like this bit, and tell me why.

9.What are you working on now? What is your next project?

My next project is currently with Loose ID. Its working title is  Giving it up for the Gods. Story is more important than sex, but since I write erotic fiction, the title kind of says it all.

10.What is your biggest fear?

I faced it I think. A few years back my heart valve collapsed. If I didn’t have a major operation, I’d die. If I had it… Well, let’s just say the prognosis wasn’t good. Even the surgeon told me to make my will. Thankfully, I bounced back stronger than ever and determined to chase my dreams. I finally wrote that book I’d been talking about since my teens.

11.What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

There’s a bit of George Washington in me. I’m stupidly truthful, and sometimes I should just shut up.


Sylvie’s more human librarian than half-blood Fae princess and she definitely prefers books to men. Then, she learns her unwanted Lykae fiancée is marrying someone else. If she doesn’t stop the wedding, the Fae will resume the border war with the Werewolf nation. A high-handed Lykae security guard blocks her every move, and when her plans go awry, she’s kidnapped, stripped, and bound for his pleasure.

Caleb the Cold, King of the Lykae, will do anything to make his younger brother’s wedding special–even pretend he’s a security guard and kidnap his brother’s former fiancée. Punishing her is pure pleasure, until he realizes she’s his mate. Now he needs to woo the woman he’s tormented to the edge of madness, but is it too late to claim her heart, and make her his?


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