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You think seeing ghosts is weird? Tell me something I don’t know.

My childhood best friend Jeremy happens to be a ghost.

My life is a puzzle, and the biggest piece missing has been my dad. Since his disappearance when I was six it’s been tough, but Jeremy has been by my side through it all.

But now Jeremy has gone missing too and I feel like I’m never going to get all the answers I’ve been looking for.

Fate intervenes when Hugh, a real live college beefcake, starts taking an interest in me. He divulges that he also shares my little “gift” of seeing the dead and I know I’m finally getting closer to finding all the pieces.

However, the more the puzzle is completed, the more questions I have.

Senior year is hard enough as it is, but clearly I like a challenge.



About Brina:

Brina Courtney is a young adult author obsessed with chocolate, crime shows, and fantasy movies. She’s spent the last few years as an elementary teacher and a high school cheering coach. She lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband and two very loud, small dogs.






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Shay is a normal teen trying to get though high school, but after her fathers disappearance she is still trying to get answers. Ones to her fathers’ disappearance and the one thing that sets Shay apart form others, she sees ghost.  After fending a ghost named Jeremy when she was young she never really thought much more of it, they were great friends while Shay grew up, but she never told anyone else about him. Then one day in her teenage years she gets up set with Jeremy and tells him to leave and Shay does not see him for years. While Shay struggles through losing her good friend she is still looking for answers to her father disappearance and to the strange gift she seems to have, Shay meets a boy, Hugh, and this boy might just have more to him then meets the eye and a lot of answers to who she really is. Will her and Huge be in store for more danger then she is ready to handle? Will the darkness take over? Or will she move on and live her life as a normal high school girl?

I really love this book, and why because it was different and exciting and made me step into a new world, one I have not read much about. Cryptids, are a new paranormal for me and I really loved it. I loved getting involved in Shays life and all that was happening too her, it made it for a page turning story! You will not want to miss out on this one, the beginning to an amazing series I know for sure I cant wait to read more to see what will happen to Shay and the rest of the characters. There is lots of twist and turns so get ready to be on the edge!


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