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Title: Aggrandiziér’s Academy

Sequel to: Shadows of Penumbra (Goodreads link):

Author: Margaret E. Alexander

Release Date: TBA

Publisher: Seventh Story Press

Editor: Lauren Ruiz

Cover Artist: Ron Guyatt

Genre: Urban Fantasy Thriller

Format: Ebook and Paperback


Having escaped the highest security organization on the planet, Diane Archenson and her friends find refuge in Aggrandiziér’s revered academy. The home of the very man who changed the world with a prediction of the apocalypse. Setting up a towering force field, they soon become the topic of conversation everywhere, although no one knows their identity.

When it becomes apparent just how gifted her friends are—those able to wield one of the seven deadly Vices—Diane’s insecurities arise, and so do questions of killing and control. Of new deals and old lies.

Revelations abound as enemies and friends take their stance, while the world rapidly plunges further into chaos outside the barrier of Aggrandiziér’s Academy. Yet the Academy itself has more than one disturbing secret to unveil.


Author Bio:


Margaret has always gone after creative, thought-provoking books with deep characters. When she didn’t find too many with that exact blend, she decided to try and write some of her own. She explored her creative side with a major in engineering and a minor in studio art, and traveled half-way across the globe, from Bulgaria to the tropics, and finally the California desert. Maybe that’s why her characters never sit still. She loves to read, illustrate, watch historical movies, ice skate, and dream, and has a high regard for culture, martial arts, and the French and Japanese languages. At the end of the day, there’s nothing she enjoys more than a good story.

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