Rumors are surging through Appernysia that a Beholder has been born, the first wielder of True Sight in over a millennium.

Seventeen-year-old Lon Marcs discovers he has been blessed—or cursed—with this gift. He cannot control the power of True Sight and feels it killing him with each passing day. He realizes that the only people who might possess the knowledge to save his life are the sworn enemies of his king. To obtain their help, Lon would have to journey into exile, leaving behind his village, family, and beloved Kaylen.

Although this is the hardest decision Lon has ever made, it is only the first of many that will test his strength and challenge his interpretation of right and wrong.



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Born in the wrong age, Terron James continually fantasizes of shining steel, majestic stone architecture, thundering cavalry rushes, and opportunities to prove his honor. Under the direction of his queen, Terron labors diligently in his kingdom, striving to prepare an inheritance worthy of his four heirs.

When he finally graduated from the University of Utah with his English BA, Terron had become besties with most of the English department staff, as well as the employees of Brio, who make a wicked cup of hot chocolate.

Spaghetti sauce inevitably finds its way behind at least one of Terron’s ears at every meal.

Although he currently resides in Tooele, UT, Terron’s dream is to capture every sunset with his wife, fingers interlocked, the reflection of his soul in her brown eyes, and the ocean surf rolling over their bare feet.

Terron is the Tooele Chapter president of the League of Utah Writers and a member of Pikes Peak Writers.

To schedule a book signing, appearance, or interview with Terron James, please contact his publicist, Kirk Cunningham, at kirk@jollyfishpress.com


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Well first off can we say cover love!! I just love the cover of Insight and I know you all will too! Thanks to Terron James and Jolly Fish Press for sending this one to review!

I enjoyed this one, I did have a little trouble in the start but once I got past that it took off. The story of Lon was page turning. Only Seventeen and having the gift of True Sight, something that in a trained Beholder fingers will allow that person to see the worlds energy and manipulate it. But what do you do when you know no one else with this gift, how to you learn to use it and control it? The Rayders, which are in search for a True Sight beholder, are after him and this is only making Lon’s life much more dangerous.

Lon must travel from home and go in search for answers, as well as keep his family safe. You will not want to miss the incredible journey Lon travels on. He will learn some very valuable things and might just find out how to control that True Sight he has. There are some very on the edge of your seat scenes you will feel like you are part of. Terron never disappoints when is comes to making you feel like you just stepped into a adventure full of battles, quests of finding your true self and so much more!

Get ready read because you will not want to stop once you start Insight! Can’t wait for more from the Beholders series!