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Everblue by Brenda Pandos My rating: 5 of 5 stars Well first off I have never read anything on the lines of this type of book, meaning on the lines of mermaids. I had seen many others reading this book so I deiced I needed to read. I am so very glad I did, from the start it was exciting. I just wanted to know what was happening with Ashlyn and Tatiana, who seem to be the best of friends and Ashlyn having a crush on Tatiana’s brother Fin made the story very interesting. Ashlyn’s life was for sure an up and down ride when I was reading and the fact that she was already smitten with Fin well that made it even more exciting and crazy! Then when Tatiana and Fin’s family went missing and Ashlyn had no idea whats was going on, WOW all the things that Ash thought about but never really knew why the family had left and what their secret. I loved how the story went between Ash and Fin and in each ones life while they were apart was crazy exciting and had me turning the page fast to see what was next. This was a for sure must read and if u like excitement, danger, love and hart stopping moments you need to read!! I suggest this book to all ages and...

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Betrayal by Mayandree Michel My rating: 5 of 5 stars I have to say I have not yet read a book with lots of mythological stuff in it but after reading this I have to say I LOVE IT! This book had me at the start I just wanted to see more and more what was going to happen. I keep turing the pages waiting for more!! Its a amazing story and just flowed so well. this is for sure a must read!!;)) View all my...

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Pulse by Kailin Gow My rating: 5 of 5 stars Will first ever book I have read by this amazing author, and I loved it!! I needed a good vampire story and this was just it. I got right into the book as soon as I started it. The story line was different then most vampire stories, the whole Life’s Blood concept was very interesting and how the 3 brothers are so drawn to Kalina in a different way then others are. I am excited to see whats gong to happen in the adventure Kalina is going to have to go on to find out more. It really is a great story and u will get hooked on the characters from the start! A must read and for young and older fans!!;)))) And u will also enjoy her many other series as well!! I am off to read book 2 in the series!! View all my...

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