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Breathless!! Loved it!

Just finished Breathless…It was good for sure, with a slow start it for sure picked up ASAP and I was hooked. There was a lot of great story and love in this book. I love yet again another outlooking on Vampires and others, and the ending was AWESOME and I am excited for book two!! See more at the FB page…...

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Just finished “Dark Matter Heart” by Nathan Wrann!!

Well I just read Dark Matter Heart and loved it I give it a 5 out of 5. It was a good story different then most of the vampire stories I have read. I was a little slow in the start but thats because I know now from reading that was a story to be told and in the end it was a great one. I am excited for the next one!!! Chec his FB page out!!...

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Hey all I am going to try to be around more!! SO welcome to my page!! And Happy 4th!!

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Welcome to the new PBC page now Positively Book Crazy!! Here on the blog we Review, Host Authors and Giveaways and so MUCH more! We love BOOKS we love Authors and we love YOU ALL! Thanks for the support! ~Bella

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