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Hey there Ghouls and Goblins!! So fans I am part of my girl Ella’s Halloween Blog giveaway!! As you know there are a few different stops on the way so you should know already what’s up so I will make it short!! I am the letter “O” in the stop number “5” in the count! ~GIVEAWAY (SCAVENGER HUNT) RULES~ **Reminder Hop ends October 24th! A list of blogs will be participate in this, and basically you travel to each blog and the blogs will be given a puzzle piece of the cover that is related to that letter in HALLOWEEN. Each blog will have a hint to help you narrow down your choices of the books you’re possibly thinking of that fits with that letter. Here’s the catch, you MUST save that puzzle piece to your laptop or computer or wherever because you’ll need those pieces to email to Ella along with your answer, so She can see that you want those extra entries for doing the hunt! At the end of the blog post, there will be a link to the next blog and so forth. The blogs will be in order, so you don’t have to hunt around. Each right answer that you figure out, you will get one extra entry. If you get one of them wrong, then you still have 8 other answers to get...

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